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Slug & Snail Barrier Tape - 4m

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Defenders Slug and Snail Barrier is a simple and effective way to protect plant pots, greenhouse staging, raised beds and cold frames without using poison slug pellets. When slugs and snails attempt to cross the copper tape, a tiny electrical charge is produced which will humanely repel them.

  • Protecting plants in pots, cold frames, raised beds and green house staging
  • Simply peel off protective backing and apply to desired area
  • Manufacturer guarantee: Statutory

Features and benefits

  • Copper generates a small natural charge to deter slugs and snails
  • 4m pack with adhesive backing for easy application
  • A poison and chemical-free way to protect garden plant pots and greenhouse staging, as well as raised beds and cold frames
  • Humane, natural slug deterrent treatment for outdoor, garden areas