About Us

Silica Lodge Garden Centre 

Welcome to Silica Lodge Garden Centre, where green dreams take root and family traditions flourish. Nestled in the heart of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, our story is one of growth, passion, and community. 

Our Roots 

In 1994, our family embarked on a journey—a journey that began with a small nursery, a single greenhouse, and a handful of flower beds. Silica Lodge was born, and little did we know that these humble beginnings would blossom into something extraordinary. Our love for plants and commitment to quality fueled our expansion. 

A Blossoming Transformation 

Constant expansion became our mantra. We nurtured our garden centre, tending to it like prized blooms. Fast forward to 2012. Silica Lodge underwent a comprehensive expansion program that transformed our garden centre. Our retail space flourished, allowing us to showcase an extensive range of plants, gardening essentials, and delightful treasures. But that wasn't all. 

The Four Seasons Coffee Shop 

Amidst the greenery, you'll find The Four Seasons Coffee Shop— a cozy nook where fragrant brews dance with homemade delights. Picture yourself on the outdoor terrace, sipping a latte as the seasons change. Our coffee shop isn't just a place to sip; it's a place to savor life's little joys.  And yes, we host events too. 

A Garden Oasis 

At Silica Lodge, we believe that every gardener deserves the best. That's why our shelves are brimming with a vast array of essentials: 

  • Giftware: From whimsical garden ornaments to elegant ceramics, find treasures that add charm to your outdoor haven.
  • Houseplants: Breathe life into your home with our curated collection of indoor greenery.
  • Gardening Sundries: The little tools and potions that make your gardening journey smoother.
  • Chemicals and Fertilizers: Nourish your plants and watch them thrive.
  • Compost and Gravels: The foundation for healthy soil.
  • Sheds and Outdoor Living: Create your own sanctuary.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Where comfort meets style.

We're not just a garden centre; we're the gardeners' garden centre—a place where seasoned enthusiasts and budding plant lovers gather. 

Onsite Concessions 

As you explore, you'll encounter two gems: 

  • Edinburgh Wool: A touch of heritage woven into our fabric.
  • Shaws4Sheds: Because every garden needs a cozy nook.

Our Green Guardians 

Our staff—friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate—are here to guide you. Whether you're a seasoned horticulturist or a curious beginner, we're by your side. 

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, let's continue cultivating gardens—one petal at a time. 🌿🌸🌱 


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If you would like to contact us you can do so a number of ways:

Telephone: 01724 282148

Email: contactus@silicalodge.co.uk 

Post: Silica Lodge Garden Centre, Scotter Road South, Scunthorpe, DN17 2BN

Or head over to our facebook page where you can contact us via messenger