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Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair Spreader Box

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair 2kg

Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair has a unique blend of ingredients, allowing you to repair any patch in any lawn quickly and easily. Seeds treated with Aqua Gel technology guarantee germination, helped by premium seed sowing and water retaining granules that anchor roots deep in the soil and supply them with the water and nutrients they need. Salt and ammonia are added in to neutralise dog spots. 

Key Information:

  • Each 2kg box will treat 25 patches of 45cm diamter
  • Guaranteed to grow when instructions are followed due to Aqua Gel technology
  • Neutralises dog urine and repairs dog spots
  • Holds water & nutrients to release back to the seed for successful germination
  • Supports strong root development
  • Advice & Tips:

    • Use the built in applicator to apply at the correct rate
    • In good conditions, when instructions are followed, blades of grass can be seen in under 2 weeks; however this may take longer
    • Store in a cool, frost-free place and use within the season of purchase
    • Sow when the soil temperature is between 10℃ - 18℃
    • Clear away any debris & remove weeds before sowing

    Useful Information:

    Coverage: 25 patches of 45cm diameter
    Application Rate: Approximately 75g per patch
    When to sow: Between March to October when the soil temperature is between 10℃ - 18℃
    Where to sow: High-traffic areas, in and around kids play areas like trampolines, in shady areas, in patches caused by animal urine

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