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Viola Carneval Midnight Glow F1 seeds

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Unwins - Viola Carneval Midnight Glow F1

The cheery Carneval Midnight Glow variety of Viola seed will grow to produce beautiful (purple/blue with yellow faces) large flowers on compact little plants. Viola plants are perfect for using in pots & containers. The petals can even be used to add colour to salads.

Key Information:

  • Hardy annual
  • Plant height: 15cm Plant Spacing: 15cm
  • Highly floriferous
  • Masses of cheery flowers on compact little plants

Advice & Tips:

  • Almost fill a seed tray with moist seed compost. Sow seeds thinly over the surface & lightly cover them with a little more compost. Place them in the warmth 15-20°C & keep moist. Higher temperatures may inhibit germination.
  • Keep seedlings in a light position, but shade from direct sunlight. When large enough to handle, transplant 5cm into trays of potting compost.
  • Gradually accustom plants to outside condition for 2-3 weeks before planting out. Allow 15cm between plants.

Useful Information:

When to sow February - May for summer & autumn flowering
May - September for winter /spring flowering
Where to use Beds, borders & containers
When to harvest/flower: June - September



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