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Coconut Half - Mealworm

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Coconut Half Mealworm

  • Filled with a nutritious blend of high energy suet with added mealworms
  • Hang from a feeding station or a branch
  • Attracts a wide range of garden birds

Tom Chambers mealworm coconutty feeder is a high energy bird treat made from a blend of suet & mealworms enriched with fats & proteins. This tasty suet treat will attract a wide variety of wild garden birds including members of the Tit family, Finches & Robins.

Key Information:

  • High in energy
  • High in proteins & fats
  • Tasty blend of suet & mealworms
  • Hang from a branch or feeding station
  • Great for year round feeding

Advice & Tips:

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Create several feeding sites around the garden to prevent overcrowding
  • Hang your feeder in an open space to prevent a predator attack