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Coco Chip- 4.5kg Retail

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  • Reduces weed growth by up to 90%
  • Also enriches soil and retains moisture around plants
  • 4.5kg expands to 60L of mulch
  • Increases the porosity and drainage of the soil
  • Insulates plants from extreme temperature

Mulch has many benefits to plants, one of the very best being that it reduces weed growth by up to 90%.  By creating a protective top layer, the soil beneath retains water better and the plant is protected from extreme temperatures such as heat or frost.  As the mulch slowly breaks down, it enriches the soil beneath and increases its porosity and drainage.  What's not to like?!  This handy compressed block weighs just 5kg but expands to a full 60 litres.  Use it to surround flowers, shrubs, vegetables, small trees in planters, borders and beds.  To use, simply place the compressed compost into a container with warm water and let it rest until all water has been absorbed. Then, stir the mulch and put it to work.