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Coco Boost- 5KG Retail

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Coco boost is 100% natural coco coir brick pre-mixed with a balanced controlled release fertiliser that feed for up to 6 months and gives healthy foliage, strong root development and fantastic flower and fruit performance.

- Made from 100% coconut husks, the bi-product of the coconut growing industry.
- Vegan friendly & natural
- Environmentally-friendly and sustainable
- The perfect althernative to peat - and lasts 3 x longer
- Eco-friendly, recyclable, easy to carry packaging

- Coco Boost can be used in pots to transplant and grow on young plants, plug plants and seedlings.
- Use in ornamental pots, containers and hanging baskets to produce colourful displays.
- Use it for potting up flowering and foliage houseplants.
- When only small amounts of compost are needed, cut the dried block into a suitable size with a sharp knife before hydrating.

How to use:
- Remove all packaging & recycle
- Place compressed block in a large container. Add water.
- Wait 20 minutes for the block to expand
- Break up and stir to create a light, open mixture. The material is now ready for use.

Each 5kg Coco Boost block expands to make 75 litres of compost. This is approximately enough to fill:
Medium pots (15cm/6") - 50 pots
Large pots (25cm/10") - 11 pots
Large container (45cm/18") - 1.5 containers
Hanging basket (30cm/12") - 11 baskets

Technical specifications:
pH Value - 5.5 - 6.8
Electrical conductivity (EC Value) - <1.0ms/cm
Coir Ageing - 6+ months
Sand - <3%
Sieve - <6mm
Moisture - 13-20%