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Cambark Chunky Chip Bark - 50ltr

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Cambark Chunky Chip Bark is a specially selected and graded premium quality ground bark. Unlike most bark products Cambark is made from pine to give a rich golden appearance to complement and enhance the texture and colour of your garden. Using bark taken only from sustainable forests Cambark Chunky Chip is environmentally safe, clean and easy to handle. It is far more than mere decoration and will give you many practical benefits.

• Gives an attractive and pleasing finish.
• Reduces garden maintenance by suppressing weed growth.
• Retains suitable moisture keeping your plants more healthy.
• Provides year round protection and insulation for plant roots from extremes of temperature, excessive heat in summer and damaging frosts in winter.
• Reduces the impact of heavy rain and prevents mud slashes on plants and walls, so your garden stays tidy.
• Encourages earth worm activity helping to improve soil aeration and enhancing organic matter levels, fertility and soil structure; plants are happier under these conditions.
• Discourages slugs and snails due to its texture.



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